Allen Parton is a life long Resident of Tennessee. Before living in Cumberland County, he was a long time resident of Rhea County. Allen has been with the Department since 2019. Allen's experience before coming to the Lake Tansi Police Department was in private security and he also served with the Rhea County Sheriff''s Department as a reserve Officer. Allen has a passion for firearms and is an avid shooter. He has received training in Community Policing, Emergency Vehicle Operations, Various firearms, Dealing with the Mentally Ill, Child Sex Abuse, Strategies and Tactics of Patrol Stops, Taser
Conducted Electrical Weapon, and Chemical Weapon among others. Allen uses his passion for firearms to assist the chief in making sure all department firearms are in good safe working order.  Allen recently became a certifed glock armourer which enables him to do required safety inspections on the department handguns. Allen has demonstrated much improvement while working with our Department and he is a valued part of our Law Enforcement team.

Allen Parton

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