tom petrovick

Tom has lived in Cumberland County for 6 years. He is the newest addition to the Lake Tansi Police Department. He started on April 17th 2023. He grew up in St Joseph Missouri and graduated from St Joseph High School. He attended college at Missouri Western, Palm Beach Jr College, and Berry University. He worked for 38 and a half years as a law enforcement officer with the St Joseph Police Department, Buchanan County Sheriffs Department and the Palm Beach County Sheriffs Department In Flordia.

During his 38 and a half years in Law Enforcement, he served as a detective with Palm Beach, a training officer, Threat Assessment, Patrol Officer and Chief of Police.


During his off time, Tom enjoys woodworking, trail riding and working with his dogs. 

Tom has been with Melissa Park for 9 years. He has 3 grown children, Ron Heather (age 38 of St Joseph Missouri), Thomas III (age 32 of Chicago Illinois) and Andre (age 20 of Crossville TN).


With his many years of experience, we are excited to have Tom join our team and we look forward to working with him.




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