Keanan Austin

Sergeant Keanan Austin is a long time resident of Cumberland County. He graduated form Cumberland County
High School and has one year of college with Roan State Community College. He is very active in his church
ministry and is a great person. He is a member of the Cumberland County Rescue Squad. Keanan came to the
Lake Tansi Police Department in May of 2018. Since he has been with the Department, he has been a very good
asset to us. Keanan has always been willing to do anything asked of him and has always been willing to take on
additional responsibilities as needed. Since coming to the Department, Keanan has received training in basic
police procedures, emergency vehicle operations, domestic violence, child sex abuse, DUI enforcement and
much more. Keanan has certifications in first aid, CPR, Emergency Air and other emergency service related
certifications. Keanan has progressed very well during his time with the Department has risen to the rank of Sergeant and serves in the command staff as a Field Training Officer. Sergeant  Austin has made a
great addition to the Department and is valued very much.

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