Severe Weather Siren System


When hazardous lightening strikes are in the area, there will be a 30 second tone.

This tone will be activated by personnel at the Lake Tansi Golf Course.


In the event of a tornado warning in Cumberland County, there will be a steady tone for 3 minutes.

Upon notification from the Cumberland County Sheriff’s office of tornado warnings in our area, the Lake Tansi Police Department will activate the appropriate tone of the emergency weather sirens. Keep in mind that when you hear these sirens, this is to notify you that a severe weather warning has been issued for our area or county, or a county that precedes ours in the path of an approaching storm. Please DO NOT CALL 911 or Tansi Police when you hear these severe weather sirens. Instead, first tune into local media for news and weather reports. Please use your television or radio to get these updates. Severe weather warnings are issued by the National Weather Service and are broadcast by local media and by NOAA weather radio. You should have a battery operated radio and flashlight in a convenient location. If it is appropriate to take shelter because of weather or other conditions, take cover in the lowest portion of your home, business, or dwelling. The best place is a basement under something sturdy, like a workbench. If there is no basement, seek shelter in a small interior room in the middle of the building - like a closet or a bathroom. Always stay away from outside walls and windows. Remember: The emergency alert sirens are for outdoor notification. Don’t expect it to notify you of weather conditions while you are indoors. For this reason, Emergency Management officials highly recommend citizens to keep a NOAA weather alert radio in their homes, preferable in the bedroom, with a tone alert. Our goal is to minimize personal injury, loss of life and property damage through proactive measures. Please remain indoors until the severe weather warning is over. There is no “ALL CLEAR” signal given. This information will be provided by listening to a radio or television station.  As always, if you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

Thank you, the Lake Tansi Police Department 788-6388


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